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The Borman Group, LLC, is an award winning real estate re-development company focused on the preservation
of vintage buildings and the
revitalization of urban submarkets
in Southern California.  




Founded in 2003, The Borman Group is a multi-disciplinary, value-add real estate design and development company that has repurposed over 500,000 square feet of creative office, retail and multi-family units in downtown Los Angeles.    

Our philosophy is that space, curated correctly, is both ideologically and economically transformative. The Borman Group consistently delivers space that meets the needs of a sophisticated creative user and the financial returns of an equally sophisticated investor.   

Knowledgeable of marketplace dynamics and a proven ability to identify transformative markets early in the process, The Borman Group adds value through its commitment to excellence in acquisition, design, development, construction, branding and sales. 


80,000 square feet

three story brick & steel

live/work luxury townhouses

Arts District, LA 

22,400 square feet

2 one story brick & bow-truss 

creative office & retail

Arts District, LA

10,200 square feet

one story brick

creative office

Arts District, LA

23,785 square feet

one story brick, post-and-beam

creative office

Arts District, LA

14,193 square feet

3 one and two story wood & steel buildings

creative office

Arts District, LA

45,000 square feet

2 one and two story brick & concrete 

creative office & retail

Boyle Heights, LA

9,342 square feet

one story CMU

creative office & event space

Boyle Heights, LA

30,000 square feet

1 one story brick & bow-truss +
1 two story brick & CMU

creative office

Crenshaw / West Adams, LA


15,500 square feet

2 one story brick buildings
Creative office, retail & restaurant
Arts District, LA

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